Thank you for buying PORTICO POPILYN,and Please take good care forever. Is it my concept with making an address of PORTICO POPILYN multiplying on the earth to introduce how and where you live? When some people who purchased it live, I miss the name. In addition, please contact me including a case or the mention mistake that an address turned into by all means and do it. If there is a photograph of the wonderful daily life scenery of your portico with it one more, please send it by an email.


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NB, Author: Owned by author and dispatched for each exhibition.
PY:Production year
Serial Number Owner Address PY
No.1-7 Author Oita city,JPN 2001-3
No.8 Harold Golen Miami,Fla 2003
No.9-11 Author Oita city,JPN 2004
No.12 Pirtro Vidossicm Barcelona,ESP 2004
No.13-15 Author Oita city,JPN 2004
No.16 Oita city,JPN 2005
No.17 Gershwin Hotel NYC 2003
No.18 Masaya Shirahama Oita city,JPN 2003
No.19 Yoshimi Hokkaido,JPN 2003
No.20 Author Oita city,JPN 2003
No.21 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2003
No.22 Azusa Komoda Tokyo 2005
No.23-24 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.25 Peter Holmr Horsens,Denmark 2005
No.26 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.27 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.28 Jean Pigozzi NY 2005
No.29 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.30 Keiko Miyashita Oita city,JPN 2005
No.31-32 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.33 Mitsui Susono city,JPN 2005
No.34 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.35 Nakamura Usuki city,JPN 2005
No.36-37 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.38 Fumiko Yasuda Bungotakada city,JPN 2005
No.39 Takahiro Matsuoka Ebina city,JPN 2005
No.40-44 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.45 Jun Ishiyama Himeji city,JPN 2005
No.46 Jon Tokyo 2005
No.47 Jean Pigozzi NY 2005
No.48-49 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.50 Keiko Miyashita Oita city,JPN 2005
No.51 Takako Abe Beppu city,JPN 2005
No.52 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.53 Reina Eto Beppu city,JPN 2005
No.54 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.55 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.56 Jean Pigozzi NY 2005
No.57 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.58 Emiko.Fujita Matsudo city,JPN 2005
No.59 Emi Onoda Kawasaki city,JPN 2005
No.60 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.61 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.62 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.63 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2005
No.64-65 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.66 townole Yokohama city 2005
No.67-69 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.70 Noriko Ikebe Oita city,JPN 2005
No.71 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.72 Kimura Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 2005
No.73 Kibe Beppu city,JPN 2005
No.74 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.75 Miruku Okinawa city,JPN 2005
No.76 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.77 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2005
No.78 Togashi Susono city,JPN 2005
No.79 Gershwin Hotel NYC 2005
No.80 Kimura Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 2005
No.81 Kanawa Tokyo 2005
No.82 Togashi Susono city,JPN 2005
No.83 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2005
No.84 Gershwin Hotel NYC 2005
No.85 Shimabaraman Osaka,JPN 2005
No.86 Gershwin Hotel NYC 2005
No.87 Author( Origin) Oita city,JPN 2005
No.88 Jean Pigozzi NY 2005
No.89-96 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.97 Gallery Tanaka Bijutsu Kobe city,JPN 2005
No.98-101 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.102 Miyajima Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 2005
No.103,104 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.105 Miyajima Shibuya-ku,Tokyo 2005
No.106-108 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.109 Kinoshita Kyoto,JPN 2005
No.110 Miyasako Oita city,JPN 2005
No.111 Gershwin Hotel NYC 2005
No.112 Miki Yasui Hyogo,JPN 2005
No.113 Haiji Mitaka city,JPN 2005
No.114 Riki Fukushima Susono city,JPN 2005
No.115 Tetsuya Kibe Oita city,JPN 2005
No.116 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2005
No.117 Yasuto Mori Sweden 2005
No.118 Yuji Fukuoka,JPN 2005
No.119 Minoru Kimura Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 2005
No.120 Mikuni Kobe city 2005
No.121 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.122 Takahiro Ohtani Oita city,JPN 2005
No.123-143 Author Oita city,JPN 2005
No.144 Author Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo 2006
No.145 Tamakokkov Yamaguchi,JPN 2007
No.146 Criesa Italia 2007
No.147 TAN Tokyo,JPN 2007
No.148 Sakata Fukuoka,JPN 2007
No.149 Hirano Tokyo 2007
No.150 ojiyan Tokyo 2007
No.151 Shinoda Osaka,JPN 2007
No.152 Kitamoto Tokyo 2007
No.153 Craig Mod Tokyo 2007
No.154 原澤直希 - -
No.155 Tsuyoshi Ebisawa Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.156 Hideki Tajima Oita city,JPN 2007
No.157 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.158 Ayumi Oita city,JPN 2007
No.159 s2monet Kagawa,JPN 2007
No.160 tomo Yufu city,JPN 2007
No.161 gaju Kumamoto,JPN 2007
No.162 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.163 Tsuiteru Itou Oita city,JPN 2007
No.164 mayo Okayama,JPN 2007
No.165-174 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.175 Kajipon Oita city,JPN 2007
No.176 Yuki Yamagata city,Gifu Pref. 2007
No.177 Katsura Yamauchi Oita city,JPN 2007
No.178 Gallery K Oita city,JPN 2007
No.179 Natsumi Butaboshi Oita city,JPN 2007
No.180 Hisashi Itai Oita city,JPN 2007
No.181 Kajipon Oita city,JPN 2007
No.182 Sumikurara Beppu city,JPN 2007
No.183 Tounyuu Ohsu city,Ehime Pref. 2007
No.184 KOZU Nagoya city,JPN 2007
No.185 Tatcho Fukaya city,JPN 2007
No.186 Ayako Matsuzaka Yokosuka city,JPN 2008
No.187 Pio Kitakyushu city,JPN 2007
No.188 bingomambo Toyota city,Aichi pref. 2007
No.189 Kazushige Ebina city,Kanagawa pref. 2007
No.190 Nagisa Hirakawa Yufu city,Oita pref. 2007
No.191 Gallery KOBE Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.192 Tanaka Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.193 Hiroshi Sakoda Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.194 WAKA Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.195 Tanaka Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.196 Claire Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.197 Gallery Kobe Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.198 hana Osaka city,JPN 2007
No.199 MOA Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.200 Yuki Koizumi Kyoto city,JPN 2007
No.201 Hossyi Chigasaki city,Kanagawa pref. 2007
No.202 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.203 Kuroshiba Fukuyama city,Hiroshima pref. 2007
No.204 tururin-taro Kitakyushu city,Fukuoka pref. 2007
No.205 Haruno Ohkaze Amagasaki city,Hyogo pref. 2008
No.206 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.207 Eriko Okazaki city,Aichi pref. 2007
No.208 Hiroko Kondo Osaka city,JPN 2008
No.209 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2008
No.210 Ryo Yurita Hayami-gun,Oita pref. 2007
No.211 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.212 Kanna Tainaka Higashi Ohmi city,Shiga pref. 2007
No.213 130ri-Designs Chikushino city,Fukuoka pref. 2007
No.214 hiromiyoshii Koutou-ku,Tokyo 2007
No.215 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.216 703 Yanagawa city,Fukuoka pref. 2007
No.217-218 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.219 Takada Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.220 Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2008
No.221 Yuuto Ashiya city 2008
No.222 Gan sin uoo Korea 2007
No.223 Maya Inoue Osaka city,JPN 2008
No.224 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.225 Kazunari Ueda Ibaraki city,Osaka,JPN 2008
No.226 Watanabe Osaka,JPN 2007
No.227 Yuko Watanabe Kobe city,JPN 2007
No.228 Auther Oita city,JPN 2007
No.229 Kohda Yoko Goushi city,Kuamamoto pref. 2007
No.230 Fabric Author Oita city,JPN 2007
No.231 BlueEye Mikuni Kobe city,JPN 2008
No.232 Pink Eye Author Oita city,JPN 2008
No.233 Petta Hiroaki Sato Kurume city,Fuluoka pref. 2008
No.234 Morgar Author Oita city,JPN 2008
No.235 Bow Unidentified Australian Sydney 2008
No.236 Tomoko Uehara Yufu city,Oita pref. 2008
No.237 Pino Auther Oita city,JPN 2008
No.238 Altar Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.239 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.240 wata Suginami-ku,Tokyo 2009
No.241 yoshi Kobe city,JPN 2009
No.242 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.243 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.244 Setsuko Sato BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.245 Ryuji Goto BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.246 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.247 Yudaya Kumamoto city,JPN 2009
No.248 Satoko Okamoto Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 2009
No.249 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.250 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.251 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.252 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.253 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.254 Norihide Azuma Oita city,JPN 2009
No.255 Mikan Mitaka city,JPN 2009
No.256 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.257 shoko Buzen city,Fukuoka pref. 2009
No.258 Youichi Suga BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.259 shoko Buzen city,Fukuoka pref. 2009
No.260 Yasuhiro Arisawa Nakano-ku,Tokyo 2009
No.261 Makoto Eto BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.262 Youichi Fuse Sakura city,Chiba pref. 2009
No.263 Haiji Mitaka city,JPN 2009
No.264 Ai Takano+Hiroshi Okamoto Suginami-ku,Tokyo 2009
No.265 Oryu Shizuoka,JPN 2009
No.266 Kiyoko Fuse Yachiyo city,Chiba pref. 2009
No.267 taebanana Kawaguchi city,Saitama pref. 2009
No.268 yusaku Kitakyushu city,Fukuoka pref. 2009
No.269 Gallery Buffet Five Kainan city,Wakayama pref. 2009
No.270-271 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.272-273 Gallery Tanaka Bijutsu Kobe city,JPN 2009
No.274 Tomoaki Wakayama city,Wakayama pref. 2009
No.275 Gallery Buffet Five Kainan city,Wakayama pref. 2009
No.276 Gallery Tanaka Bijutsu Kobe city,JPN 2009
No.277 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.278 Gallery Buffet Five Kainan city,Wakayama pref. 2009
No.279 Hisako Kazuraya Yokohama city,JPN 2009
No.280 Nobue Hori Osaka city,JPN 2009
No.281 Auther Oita city,JPN 2009
No.282 Yoshiko Takahashi 2009
No.283-284 Personal storehouse 2009
No.285 Dango Kodaira city,JPN 2009
No.286-287 Personal storehouse - 2009
No.288 sola102 Itoshima city,Fukuoka pref. 2009
No.289 YST873 BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.290-291 Personal storehouse - 2009
No.292 Setsuko Sato BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.293 Mimoza Hayami-gun,Oita pref. 2009
No.294 Koji Tamanoi BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.295 Haiji Mitaka city,JPN 2009
No.296 Mieko BungoOhno city,Oita pref. 2009
No.297 Personal storehouse 2009
No.298 Dora Saitama City,JPN 2009
No.299 Tazuko Soejima Suginami-ku,Tokyo 2009
No.300-302 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2015
No.303 Entchev. D Sydney,Australia 2015
No.304 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2015
No.305-306 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2015
No.307 Yuusuke Abe Beppu City,JPN 2015
No.308 Auther Oita City,JPN 2015
No.309 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2015
No.310 Joan Lykke Poulsen Viby,Denmark 2015
No.311 Auther Oita city,JPN 2015
No.312 uetomo Yufu City, Oita pref. 2015
No.313-316 Unidentified Danish Denmark 2015
No.317-319 Auther Oita City,JPN 2015

NB, Author: Owned by author and dispatched for each exhibition.
PY:Production year